Book Teaser: 10 Businesses You Can Start Today!

Business Ideas

My decision to write a book on business ideas came after months of keeping a running tally of businesses I’d like to one day start/own. Once I sat down and really started thinking about all the small businesses one could start, the list created itself and the book was born.

As of today, the eBook is almost done with just a few loose ends left to tie up. I will be releasing it in a few months as a free eBook to all my subscribers.

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Before starting your next business, write down how much free time you have to devote to the business, how much money you have to start it, and some exit goals you have for the business (build it up and sell it, continue the business as a side job, quit your day job and work on the business, etc.).

Then read through this list and write down the business ideas that spark your interest. Now think about how much time each idea requires, what the total potential income you can earn is, and how much money you need to get started. Compare this to what you have to offer and what it is you want and then find the right business for you!

As a disclaimer, I have written descriptions of each business idea and what you may need to get started. This list is non-comprehensive and only intended to be a spark for you to create something more. Be sure to check local laws and your accountant/attorney for more resources targeted specifically to your personal and financial situation.

10 Businesses You Can Start Today!

10 Good Business Ideas

  1. Open a Lemonade Stand

An 11-year old made an $11 million business deal last year with her company, BeeSweet Lemonade. Maybe opening a corner lemonade stand isn’t such a bad idea. Buy (or grow) lemons, sugar, and water and you are in business.

Skills Needed: Self-control to not drink all the product.

Capital Required: $20

Resources: Me and the Bees

  1. Open an Etsy Store

Are you good at arts & crafts or at making things? Open an Etsy store. Etsy allows you to make anything from a greeting card to large pieces of furniture. Rack your brain. How can those two hands of yours make something to sell?

Skills Needed: Ability to make or build something, or ability to find crafts at a discount.

Capital Required: $150

Resources: Etsy

  1. Garage Sail

Senior year of high school my best friend and I would go what we called “garage sailing” every Saturday. We would go bargain hunt local garage sales in the hopes of finding treasure. We would find antiques or heavily discounted items and post them for sale on Craigslist and eBay for a profit.

Skills Needed: Eye for bargains and ability to negotiate.

Capital Required: $150

  1. Be a Landlord

With new sites like AirBnB, it’s easier than ever to rent out a room. A good friend of mine bought a three-bedroom house a few years ago. He lives in one, rents out a room to someone month to month, and rents out the third a few days a month on AirBnB. His two tenants are literally paying down his mortgage while he lives almost rent free. Sounds like a sweet deal to me!

Skills Needed: Basic understanding of Real Estate Investments

Capital Required: $0 (for an empty room) to $25,000 for a new house

Great Business Ideas

  1. Collect Cans

Recycle! There are a few states that will pay you 5-10 cents a can to recycle. If you live in or close to one of those states, start collecting cans. You can go to local catering companies or event venues that may have a high likelihood of already collecting recyclable refuse. If you don’t live in a state that offers a reimbursement for cans, perhaps you can offer to pay 1-2 cents a can and sell them to a state that offers 5-10 cents a can.

Skills Needed: Excellent can crushing abilities.

Capital Required: $5 to take you to a local recycling center.

  1. Babysit

If you are willing to give up a few nights and weekends, babysitting can be an easy gig. Most young children are asleep by 8pm anyways, allowing for the sitter to watch TV or a movie while the kids are asleep. This could be scalable if one built a network of trusted sitters.

Skills Needed: Good with kids.

Capital Required: $15 to print a few flyers.

  1. Housesit

A friend of mine seems to housesit a week a month. As the go-to house sitter, she may even be able to swing not having a house or apartment of her own and just go house to house sitting for folks on vacation. Again, scalable to some degree with the ability to check up on two or three houses at the same time.

Skills Needed: Honesty & ability to follow instructions.

Capital Required: $15 to print a few flyers

Resources: Housesitting

Puppy Pet Sitting Business Ideas

  1. Petsit

Watch neighbor’s pets if even for the day. Family of mine runs a pet sitting side business. What started out as $25 to watch their neighbor’s dog one weekend turned into a full-fledged home business sitting for 45 dogs a month. If you’re an animal lover, this has your name written all over it.

Skills Needed: Dog whispering a plus.

Capital Required: $15 to print a few flyers

  1. Dog Walker

Busy professionals who live in tight quarters pay good money to have their pets taken out for a stroll once a day. This business is scalable with a good marketing plan and set of employees.

Skills Needed: Fast walking and availability during days.

Capital Required: Six legs and a leash.

  1. Wash Dogs

Mobile pet washing venues have increased in popularity over recent years. This business is also scalable with multiple trucks on the road and a well trained staff.

Skills Needed: Strong resistance to flees a plus.

Capital Required: $15 for shampoo if you don’t want to start off with a van.

Business Ideas: 10 Businesses You Can Start Today

In Short…

There you have it. A short list of business ideas that you’ll hopefully find helpful in your own new venture. Be sure to follow The Smart Money Maker to get the full list of over 100 business ideas once our eBook is released in a few months.

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