How to Make Money With This Boat Rental Program

Boat Rental

B-O-A-T. Every once boat owner knows what this four letter word stands for: “Bust-Out-Another-Thousand.” Boats are notoriously known as money pits. They say the second happiest day of a boat owner is the day he/she buys it and the happiest day is the day he/she sells it. As a prior boat owner myself, I can attest to the validity of both cliches and the importance of boat rental programs.

Today’s topic is about how to make this little money pit work for you. Last week we introduced you to a new side hustle of renting out your car. This week we’ve gone nautical with the same idea and this new company, BoatBound.

Boat Rental: Seas the Day

Aboat Time

This new amazing little company is the largest and fastest growing “pier-to-pier” boat rental company in the world. Puns aside, the concept is pretty simple: boat owners rent out their boats (with or without a captain) to local people who want to rent them for a few hours to several days.

Newer, more expensive boats command higher prices than older, less valuable ones. A quick tour of their site will uncover average daily rates from $300-500+ for your average run-of-the-mill boat.

Yeah Buoy Boat Rentals.

Whatever Floats Your Boat

If you have a boat, this may be your chance to actually be a smart money maker with it by leasing it out a few days a month to help keep overhead costs down.

If you don’t own a boat but have always wanted one, head over to BoatBound and lease one whenever you want. There’s no longer a need to buy, maintain, pay for dock fees, or waste money on a boat you use once a season. That’s being a Smart Money Maker.

Are you still hungry for more? Click here for last week’s post on renting out your car to make money.

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