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Planning any fun vacations this summer? These travel discounts tips can save you hundreds of dollars on your next getaway!

Here at the Smart Money Maker, we try a lot of services. People and businesses approach us all the time to try their money making/saving product or service. And we do. A lot. Most of the time, it’s a hoax. Perhaps it could save our readers money, but a lot of times, whatever they’re selling, we’re not buying. Sometimes, however, we stumble upon a product that is worthy of the Smart Money Maker stamp. Today we’re here to tell you about one of those services.

Travel More with The Smart Money Maker and this Budget Travel Discounts Tip

Travel Discounts: Car Rental

In the past, I’ve used many discount car rental agencies. Some of my favorites are Thrifty Rent-A-Car and Dollar Rent-A-Car. They have saved me money in the past, but recently I found a new money saver to add to the pack: Priceline.

You may have heard the catchy jingle for the “Priceline Negotiator.” I’m always skeptical of companies that hit the TV airwaves hard. Usually, that means they are extremely profitable and have a huge budget for marketing. Sometimes it is because they actually have a great product, but most of the time (as in most car insurance companies) it’s just because they have a talented marketing department.

A few weeks ago I used Priceline to help me rent a car on an upcoming trip. Their website is super easy to use and offers rates from all the major hotels, airlines, and rental car agencies.

This was my first time. I ran a simple search and even when reserving the cars directly from the agency, I found Priceline was still cheaper. The cheapest car for the weekend I wanted was $69 a day. This was a good price from Dollar Rent-A-Car, and better than I could find on their site.

Name Your Own Price

I used their “Name Your Own Price” tool and found the whole process very easy. You had to fill in your contact information and credit card because if you won the bid, they would charge you immediately. Then you could click a link to see what other winning bids were. I found the lowest winning bid was for $42. This was $27 a day off! I would be saving $81 for the weekend or roughly 40% off. Insert me jumping for joy.

However, instead of $42, I put a bid in for $25. I really wanted to test this so-called negotiator. I finished filling in my reservation and nervously hit send. A circle appeared to be thinking and then it happened…

ACCEPTANCE! A welcome page congratulated me and told me I had saved nearly 64%. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe I got my weekend’s car rental at a $132 discount.

priceline travel discount code

Other Travel Discounts

What’s even better is I used Ebates, an application that allows you to earn cash back on your purchases. Ebates was currently offering up to 3% cash back on Name Your Own Price which saved me an additional $2.25.

Finally, the credit card I used earned me an additional 1% ($0.75) cash back through their rewards.

What started off as a $207 three-day car rental during a very busy weekend turned into $135 in savings equating to a total price of $72 which was over 65% off.

Your turn! Tell us about the most you’ve ever saved from the name your price tool.


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