Identity Theft Protection: Why You Need It

Identity Theft

You’ve most likely seen the ads, heard the horror stories, or maybe you’ve even seen the movie. Either way, identity theft is a real thing.

Identity Theft Movie

Personally, I’ve paid for some form of identity theft protection for about six years now. Although it does give me peace of mind knowing I’m protected if my identity were to ever be compromised, the main reason I pay for this service is to have the ability to pull my credit report and keep tabs on my credit score.

ID Theft Protection: Why You Need It

Credit Report Tracker

I pay for the “Platinum/Premium” plan so I can check my credit once a month. This is a bit overkill I’ll admit, but it’s nice to be able to track my credit on a monthly basis without it affecting my credit score.

I look for things like opened accounts, late payments, balances, etc. It allows me to know exactly where I’m at and gives me a monthly incentive to continuously improve my credit.

My advice is to sign up with an ID theft company for the $1 million insurance protection, and just to keep tabs on your credit. Identity Guard offers plans that start as low as $10 a month. Skip your Starbucks coffee twice a month and you’ll be able to know exactly what your credit score is and make steps to improve it.

That $1 million insurance policy can come in handy if your identity is ever compromised as legal fees alone can add up. Most ID theft plans offer some type of recovery for things like lost wages, travel expenses, elder/child care, legal costs, etc.

For me, however, the best thing my ID Theft plan provides is credit report monitoring. I can even use a handy calculator that will calculate what my credit will be once I pay off a particular card.

Free ID Theft Trial

With this link, you can even sign up free for 30 days. Sign up, get your credit report, and cancel all in the same day if you want. $0 out of pocket and you still get all three reports to look over and make sure your FICO score is on the rise.

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