About The Smart Money Maker

Hi! Welcome to The Smart Money Maker. Thanks for stopping by.

A little about who I am:

I was born to an American night-shift nurse and an Argentine car service rep. My mother was born in New York and transplanted to Orange County when she was very young. My father moved to the United States from Argentina in high school to make a new life by living the American dream. Both were incredibly loving and wanted nothing but the best for their only child, me. My parents quickly saw the importance of education and both went on to pursue degrees. My mom eventually earned her Master’s in Nursing and my dad earned his way to a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing and a second in International Sales. He coupled his education with his hard work ethic to go from an immigrant with not but a few bucks and a dream into a self-made, home-owning, American with his own business.

The Smart Money Maker

From an early age, I can remember my dad teaching me the value of a dollar. My allowance each week was only given to me if I completed my list of chores around the house. When it came time to spend my money, I was taught to save my money or buy something of value, instead of the Legos I would spend ages playing with. As a 10-year-old, I was reading Corporate Annual Reports and learning what stocks were hot and which ones I should buy. I knew the difference between calls and puts by 11. I learned the beauties of compound interest and retirement before I knew what was on the latest version of “NOW! That’s What I Call Music.”

why i started the smart money maker:

It is these lessons I learned from an early age that I want to share with the world. Many millennials never learned how to manage their money and it’s something I want to teach how. I have two Masters in Business Administrations, but neither of them taught me the functional tools needed to succeed in the world today. The Smart Money Maker will aim to teach you those tools.

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